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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What browser can I use?

This page requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater. Other platforms and browsers (including Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, and Safari) should work but are not officially supported.

Help Uploading

How do I upload files?

Select up to 5 files to send at a time. You may select the Browse button to locate files on your hard drive or a network drive. WARNING: Transfers are restricted to 150 Meg or smaller per upload.

Press the Upload Files button to begin uploading files to the server.

An upload status animation will show the progress of your file upload.

When the Status shows done, example below, you can upload more files or exit the upload page.

Upload status: done 
2localtest.mp2	480237 bytes	saved

What should I name my file?

File names may not use or contain the following characters:
" % * + , . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ { | }

You may use underscores or hyphens to separate words within filenames.

What format should audio files be in?

Audio files may be in .MP2 or .MP3 format (data rates of 256 kbits/sec or higher recommended for stereo) or in linear .WAV format (1,000 kbits/sec or higher recommended).

How long will files be stored?

Please understand that this site is not a storage facility. Spots will be deleted in less than a week.

How do I download files?

Selecting and Downloading Specific Files

Click the check box next to the file or files that you'd like to download. You can select whether you would like use a download manager (best for individual files) or to receive a Zip file. Then select the Download Selections button.

If you chose to use a download manager a dialogue box will appear, "Do you want to open or save this file? ". Select Save. A Dialogue box will appear that will allow you to select a DIRECTORY ON YOUR LOCAL WORKSTATION. Choose the directory that you wish to download the files to and select Save.

If you chose to download as one ZIP file, a prompt will appear asking, "Do you want to open or save this file?" Select Save. You can then select a DIRECTORY ON YOUR LOCAL WORKSTATION for the ZIP file to be saved.

Selecting and Downloading All Files

To Select ALL FILES, use the SELECT ALL button. Then select the Download Selections button. (See information in previous paragraph regarding using a download manager or Zip files.)

Using the F5 Key or View > Refresh to View the Most Recent Content

Especially important if you are picking up a file that was delivered for you. It can take a few minutes for the file that was delivered for you via the upload section to appear in the download section. If the file that you are expecting in the download section is not visible, press browser refresh or the F5 key about once per minute to refresh the view. If you do not refresh the view once you've connected you will not know when the file has finally arrived in the download section.